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Total Depth Geotech is successfully serving the geotechnical community for over a decade.
Our goal is to identify, obtain and provide quality subsurface data for your future needs.


Client collaboration, quality product and SAFETY FIRST culture are our core values.
We are committed and strive to deliver a quality product.


EVERY ONE in our team work hard to build a better environment and go home safe EVERY DAY.

Total Depth Geotech


Total Depth Geotech is a trusted geotechnical drilling company established in 2007 with head office located in Alvarado, Texas.

Under Johnny Thompson’s leadership, Total Depth Geotech developed highly skilled and certified Technicians, purchased and built a wide variety of drilling rigs and equipment, maintaining consistent and responsive client relationships, and quality services. In the past 14+ years, Total Depth Geotech successfully provided geotechnical drilling for over 1,800 projects across Texas.

Total Depth Geotech dedicates focus on customer relationships, safe operations, geographic diversity, and our experienced management team make Total Depth Geotech, the preferred choice for customers.


Geotechnical Drilling

Total Depth currently operates 4 CME Rigs, 2 ATVs, and 1 Track rig. These rigs are equipped with Solid Stem Augers (SSA), Hollow Stem Augers (HSA) and Mud Rotary and the appropriate methodology is used depending on the geologic conditions anticipated or encountered at the site. All the rigs have associated support trucks. Total Depth’s personnel have up to 20+ years of experience in drilling and logging services. Depending on the project schedule and needs, Total Depth deploys trained loggers to document soil and rock conditions including color, strength, recovery, weathering, texture, pattern etc.


Total Depth owns a portable backhoe powered by a high-performance predator engine for trenching and excavations. A hitch coupler is included for hooking up to rig and easy to dig a trench. This additional service helps clients to avoid using multiple sub-contractors and instead rely on Total Depth along with drilling services. This also includes clearing dirt, creating a pathway, uprooting or clearing trees or bushes.

Traffic Control Management

Total Depth also provides traffic control program management. That is, to minimize the involvement of several sub-contractors on a project, we mobilize or hire traffic control units specific to each project. Depending on the project type and size, this also include- approved traffic control equipment, approved Traffic Control Plans, approved traffic control vendors or individuals etc.

Client Coordination– We collaborate with the consultant starting from site visit prior to identifying or staking locations, suggest suitable drilling rigs and provide loggers, if needed. We can accompany the client during site visit and provide our suggestions from safety point of view to establish locations. We believe that our best competitive strength is to have a seamless collaboration and coordination between drilling crews, coring crews, traffic control crews and clients on daily basis.


We had an opportunity to diversify and provide field services
in several key areas. Our safety culture and quality deliverables
helped to continue growing our portfolio in these areas.

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Years of Experience

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Client Satisfaction


Client satisfaction and safe operations are always our “First Priority”. The only way we measure our success is by providing timely services in a safe manner. We strongly believe that ‘Safety Enhances Quality’. A safe workplace culture indirectly provides a quality product and client satisfaction. Some of our noted clients are TxDOT, NTTA, NTE, Cities, Rone, PSI, Terracon, Fugro, HVJ, etc. Below are client testimonials.



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